New Emergency Talk Group

Due to the high demand for emergency communications on DMR we have implemented two new (worldwide) Talk Groups

TG 9911 – EMCOM US
TG 9112 – EMCOM EU

Please keep these Talk Groups clear. Use them only for Emergency Communications!

(FAQ: why is there a 9 infront of each TG? The 9 stands for global TGs that are not bound to any country.)

Thursday Night NorCal Net

Hello All:

The Thursday Night NorCal Net will be on the OPEN NorCal Talk Group TG31068 on Time Slot 2 on All NorCal repeaters.

This Net will be at 19:00PST and it will take check-ins first from all users on NorCal repeaters and then open it up to the rest of the World.

Please take the time to check-in to our Net.

Thanks and 73′

Charlie – N6JOA