NorCal-DMR Talk Groups

With the Repeater Sysops being able to control the Static Talk Group assignments on their repeaters, with the new BrandMeister Dashboard, it has been pointed out the term “Suggested” really means just that. For “real time” information on the specifics of a specific repeaters Talk Group line-up you must look to that repeaters DashBoard.

The below information is just a suggestion.

Recommended Standard BrandMeister Talk GroupsĀ for repeaters in NorCal.

The NorCal-DMR C-Bridge is back and several repeaters have moved back to this C-Bridge. The C-Bridge only supports desired Talk Group, which are listed in the “tables.”

With the New BrandMeister Repeater Sysop Portal, any repeater can have custom “non-standard” Talk Groups. It is recommended users look to the individual Repeater pages, within the BrandMeister DashBoard to get up to date information, including Talk Group configurations, about a specific repeater.

 Talk Group NameTalk Group IDTime SlotBM = BrandMeister

3NorCal 1310692BMDynamic
5DMR of Anarchy316662BMVaries
6California 31061BMStatic
7CAL 1310611BMDynamic
16North America BM931BMStatic
18Worldwide BM911BMDynamic