W6UUU and W6SRR Update

The Admins of the W6UUU and W6SRR DMR repeaters are testing other Networks and are currently not on the BrandMeister Network. This testing may take to the end of 2016 before they make a decision on where they will go and what they will do.

Please join me in wishing them success in this venture.

They will be missed..



First Phase Repeater Admin Portal

Hello All:

The first phase of the repeater sysops page is now active. In order for you to gain control to this portal, you will need to register an account with the dstar.su Web site.

I will then need to link the repeaters that you are responsible for and then you can login and the Sysop Dashboard will be a selection, showing a tab for each of your repeaters.

You then need to add the requested information for each repeater.

I am here to assist.



Pacificon 2016

Hello All:

I am pleased to announce the 10th Anniversary of the Pacificon Digital Dinner.

It will take place Friday October 14, 2016 at the same great location as last years “standing room” only event.

Buffalo Wild Wings
200 Montgomery Street
San Ramon, CA 94583
925 380-6631

Seating will start at 5:00PM and the room is reserved until 10:00PM.

Buffalo Wild Wings has more than 40 beers available at this location, so I’m sure you’ll find a favorite.

Ken Mirabella, KM6YH President of Powerwerx Inc. will be our guest speaker this year.

Powerwerx, Inc are the folks behind the New Terra TR-7200 VHF and TR-7400 UHF DMR radios.

Supply of both of these radios will be for sale at the HRO booth at Pacificon 2016.

This will be the first year, NEW DMR radio inventory will be for sale at a Pacificon event since NorCal DMR started down the DMR path in 2011.

Since that time more than 55 DMR repeaters have become active in Northern California with more than 95 active DMR repeaters within the State of California.

NorCal DMR will have a club table, headed up by Bruce, NG6D this year to assist with programming of DMR radios, answering DMR related questions, a place to gather and solve other life problems, including “marriage counseling.”

There will also be a one hour DMR Forum early Saturday morning at 08:00AM October 15, 2016 at the Pacificon 2016 host hotel, the San Ramon Marriott in Salons G-H and another DMR Code Plug 101 Forum put on by the SNARS folks later Saturday afternoon.

So this will to be the BIGGEST and the BEST DMR Pacificon Event in History.

Please make sure you get your tickets by registering at:

Attendees – Pacificon2016

Do it before October 3, 2016 and safe a few bucks, so you can afford to buy a new DMR radio.

See you all at Pacificon 2016.



NorCal DMR Audio Meter

Hello All:

The NorCal DMR audio meter has been added to our new Web site. This meter delivers audio for Talk Groups 9999 and 31068.

TG 9999 is the Audio Feed Talk Group and works with repeaters on the BrandMeister and the DMR-MARC Networks.

TG 31068 is the NorCal Talk Group and only works with repeaters on BrandMeister.



New Repeater Map & Code Plugs

Hello Everyone!

There have been several updates to the website – we hope you find them useful.

New Repeater Map

We’re happy to debut a new NorCal Brandmeister Network repeater map, showing the location of all repeaters (both UHF and VHF) on the network. While we’re still working to ensure all the info is completely up-to-date with recent changes, we believe it will be a useful tool as you explore the network.

If you spot any information that needs updating, or have a repeater that should be added, please fill out this form to let us know.

Sample Code Plugs

We’ve created a new Code Plugs page to help everyone program their radios. Along with actual code plugs, links are provided to other sources of code plugs as well as programming software downloads.

If you have any code plugs you’d like to contribute, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.



Will, KD8DRX

AREA DMR Repeaters

Three of the AREA DMR repeaters have moved to the BrandMeister platform.

They are listed in the NorCal-BrandMeister repeaters table under the “Network Information” tab.

There are listed under the call signs of K6HLE and KB6FEC.

Please join me in welcoming these new repeaters to the BrandMeister Network.



New Emergency Talk Group

Due to the high demand for emergency communications on DMR we have implemented two new (worldwide) Talk Groups

TG 9911 – EMCOM US
TG 9112 – EMCOM EU

Please keep these Talk Groups clear. Use them only for Emergency Communications!

(FAQ: why is there a 9 infront of each TG? The 9 stands for global TGs that are not bound to any country.)

Thursday Night NorCal Net

Hello All:

The Thursday Night NorCal Net will be on the OPEN NorCal Talk Group TG31068 on Time Slot 2 on All NorCal repeaters.

This Net will be at 19:00PST and it will take check-ins first from all users on NorCal repeaters and then open it up to the rest of the World.

Please take the time to check-in to our Net.

Thanks and 73′

Charlie – N6JOA