New Repeater Map & Code Plugs

August 30, 2016 0 Comments

Hello Everyone! There have been several updates to the website – we hope you find them useful. New Repeater Map We’re happy to debut a new NorCal Brandmeister Network repeater map, showing the location of all repeaters (both UHF and VHF) on the network. While we’re still working to ensure all the info is completely …

AREA DMR Repeaters

August 28, 2016 0 Comments

Three of the AREA DMR repeaters have moved to the BrandMeister platform. They are listed in the NorCal-BrandMeister repeaters table under the “Network Information” tab. There are listed under the call signs of K6HLE and KB6FEC. Please join me in welcoming these new repeaters to the BrandMeister Network. Thanks, Tim K6BIV

New Emergency Talk Group

August 24, 2016 0 Comments

Due to the high demand for emergency communications on DMR we have implemented two new (worldwide) Talk Groups TG 9911 – EMCOM US TG 9112 – EMCOM EU Please keep these Talk Groups clear. Use them only for Emergency Communications! (FAQ: why is there a 9 infront of each TG? The 9 stands for global …

New Contact Page

August 20, 2016 0 Comments

Hello All: A New “Contact Us” page has been created that now sends your comments to an email address, so they can be answered. Thanks, Tim  

Thursday Night NorCal Net

August 20, 2016 0 Comments

Hello All: The Thursday Night NorCal Net will be on the OPEN NorCal Talk Group TG31068 on Time Slot 2 on All NorCal repeaters. This Net will be at 19:00PST and it will take check-ins first from all users on NorCal repeaters and then open it up to the rest of the World. Please take …

BrandMeister LastHeard and HoseLine

August 13, 2016 0 Comments

Hello All: I was ably to get “iFrame” working to embed The BrandMeister LastHeard and HoseLine into the NorCal-BrandMeister Web site. I still need to figure out how to add a “files” section that users can download Code Plugs from. Thanks, K6BIV

NorCal Talk Groups and Repeaters

August 10, 2016 0 Comments

The New NorCal-BrandMeister Domain has added the recommended Talk Groups and Repeaters within the NorCal Network to this Web site.