World Wide Net

Hello All:

The World Wide DMR Net continues to be a big success. Repeater Sysops can make the World Wide Talk Group, TG91 a Static TG during these Nets via the Repeater Admin Dashboard.

I just updated K6MDD Mt Diablo to come Active at 0730AM PST on Saturdays for two hours. After that the World Wide Talk Group is available as a Dynamic Talk Group with a suggestion to be on Time Slot 1.



Global NorCal 5150 is Now Approved

The 5150 Talk Group was created back in 2011 as the main NorCal Talk Group. As we went to BrandMeister it needed to change to not conflict with other countries.

The BrandMeister DEV Team has approved this Talk Group with a “label” of “Global NorCal 5150.”

So 5150 is officially back in service with TG95150.

Our thanks to the BM DEV Team


Suggest RX Group

With the increase of DMR traffic in Northern California, there are now 3 Northern Cal TG’s in use.

NorCal TG31068
5150 TG95150
DMR of Anarchy TG31666

By creating a RX Group with these 3 TG’s in it and adding it to the 3 channels, you will not miss traffic while you are monitoring. Hold-off timers will prevent TG collisions while talking on a selected TG.