Sample Code Plugs

DMR Radios are configured using “Code Plugs”, which define the repeaters, talk groups, and other settings used by the radio to communicate. Every manufacturer uses their own format, which may or may not be compatible with similar models. Though this model of programming allows a large amount of customization for a given radio, it is also very time intensive – and unlike analog and some digital modes, you must program a DMR radio with a code plug before it will work.

Below are a number of template code plugs for different radio models, pre-programed with the NorCal BrandMeister repeaters, to help you get started with your own code plug.

An Important Note about DMR IDs

When using the code plugs below, you must be sure to update the Radio ID (or similarly named) field in your radio’s Customer Programming Software with your own DMR ID. Failure to do so will mean your radio will appear to belong to a different radio amateur on the network, assuming it works at all. You only need one DMR ID for all of your radios.

The global DMR ID registry is maintained by DMR-MARC on behalf of the amateur radio community.
If you don’t have a DMR ID, request one here.